Catalyst support

Customizable to your request

Our activated carbon for catalyst carrier, which has large surface areas, high purity and low dusts.

We can arrange specs as an each customer`s requirement.


20 + years of sales experience in catalyst industry

We have a long history for catalyst carrier application, especially in Asia and Europe.

Our products are used for several metal catalyst carriers, such as Platinum catalyst, Rhodium catalyst, Ruthenium catalyst.
These catalysts are used for purification of PTA(Purified Terephthalic Acid), synthesis of vinyl acetate, pretreatment for high purity gas production Synthesis of hydrogen peroxide applications.

Stable quality

Our products maintain a stable quality from good quality raw charcoals. 

Good quality raw charcoals help to keep a strict density range, low attrition loss and Fe, S, Cu and Cr.

For these reasons, we can suggest our products for high purity catalyst carrier.

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