Gold recovery

Premium quality grade of granular activated carbon designed for high performance in gold recovery operations. This grade is specifically designed with high economic sense, maintaining its high performance over several cycles even when processing hard ore.

Advantage of PJAC gold grade

・High gold recovery rate due to HIGH ADSORPTION  RATE (HIGH R-VALUE)

・Long endurance in the circuit due to LOW ABRASION  LOSS

・Minimal carbon loss during operations as it has LOW  PLATELET CONTENT

・Customer’s specifications can be met by customization.

Consistent Quality

Our single plant production provides a consistent quality that cannot be matched by others who supply from several plants producing from different countries raw material.

Technical Support

Technical support and advice for CIP and CIL gold recovery circuit to maximize the efficiency of the performance of the activated carbon in the circuit.

Free analysis of activated carbon samples from our customers' plants in our Lab, and recommendations on the carbon state and process parameters to optimize the performance of your plant operation.


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